Alistair Riddoch works as a Systems Engineer for Google, at their London office.

In my own time I have worked on an assortment of Free Software projects. My first major contribution was to the Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset from 1996 to 1999. My most important contribution was to WorldForge from 1999 until 2013.

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Selected Publications

Acorn Internals. Alistair Riddoch. WorldForge white paper. [PDF] [HTML] [Postscript] [Source]

Technologies For Building Open-Source Massively Multiplayer Games. Alistair Riddoch and James Turner. UKUUG Linux Developers Conference, July 2002. [PDF] [HTML] [Postscript] [Source]

Ten years, Twenty Lead Designers, No Money. The technical hurdles of WorldForge. Alistair Riddoch. Independent MMO Game Developers Conference 3.0, April 2009. [PDF] [online]



Cyphesis is a server for the WorldForge project. Implemented in C++ and based on a prototype written in python, it is often referred to as Cyphesis-C++.


Mercator is a terrain generation and handling library for online games which allows the server to transfer data about large areas of terrain very efficiently.


Equator is a world builder application for WorldForge. It is implemented as a client which connects to the WorldForge server, and uses special priveleges to manipulate the world.


Atlas-C++ is the C++ standard implementation of the WorldForge Atlas protocol. The software was written by Stefanus Du-Toit and Mike Day and is now maintained by me.

Other WorldForge tools

In addition to the above I have also developed a number of other programs for WorldForge including process, a regression testing client, venus, a media server and apogee, a client test platform. Source code for these and others can be found in WorldForge git.


My GPG key is available here. It should be OpenPGP compliant.

The fingerprint is 3676 7BBD 7B81 B474 4F6F D436 9A91 6727 13E4 E774 which you should verify with me face to face before trusting this key. I have signed most of my mail with this key since the 3rd of July 2002.